Distributed fiberoptic monitoring systems

Railroads Solutions


EQZ provides the practical effective solutions for transport industry

  • Rail road traffic management (Monitoring and Control) : tracking and locating moving assets in real time;
  • Recognition of the asset type (cargo train, shunting train, passenger etc.)
  • Estimation of the moving assets parameters (velocity, direction, mass)
  • Safety and Security (spatial resolution no less than 5 m):
    • Managing and monitoring authorised and unauthorised movement
    • Extended cargo dragging on the ballast prism;
    • Digging attempts near the rail tracks;
    • Vandalism attempts on the ballast prism;
    • People and transport activities near the rail tracks;
    • Other alarming activities such as animals on railroad tracks
  • Asset Condition Monitoring : Status of wheel flats, generators, pumps and machines
  • Infrastructure Monitoring : Managing rock fall , landslip, tunnel and bridge collapse scenarios

So, RELSEN delivers decision-ready data directly into its customers' hands, enabling real-time information to monitor and protect rail infrastructure. Day and night all-weather resilience and operation. Safety and security: managing and monitoring authorized and unauthorized movement. One RELSEN unit controls up to 50 km of the railroad.


EQZ railroads solution is fully adopted to railways company’s conditions:

  • Very high level of noises
  • Very high speed of targeted objects (trains)


For the adaptation we use the special technology, which is based on the group of instrumental and experimental methods. This adaptation technology is called "EQZ-adaptation" (EQZ-A).  EQZ-A was developed on railways test-area in Astana (Kazakhstan) . The practical usage proved, EQZ-A is the fully effective approach.


Railroads Use Cases Examples

Case 1: trains detection and classification


Case 2: Passenger train “waterfall” - diagram:



Case 3: Shunting train “waterfall” - diagram:


Case 4: Event of “handwork” (work with crowbar) on the ballast prism:  detection and classification:


"Work with crowbar"  "waterfall"-diagram:


Waterfall diagrams of the trains


Waterfall diagrams of the technological activities




Road Transport


  • Monitoring of the traffic flow (the density traffic flow estimation in real time, estimation of the average velocity on     the particular part of the highway, vehicle counting)
  • Incident detection
  • Monitoring of the technological works on the road and near it