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    Providing remote monitoring and control solutions for extended objects

    EQZ provides distributed fiber optic monitoring solutions with high levels of sensitivity and accuracy on existing or newly installed optical fibers.


    Short explaination of technology process

    Our approach based on the use of the high vibrosensitivity of the infrared energy stream injected into ordinary optical fiber (buried in the ground near the monitoring object) by means of semiconductor laser of low power.


    Asset conditions monitoring threat party intrusion detection

    We develop and implement the complex monitoring solutions for oil and gas companies.


    Invisible fence solution

    EQZ RELSEN product provides an invisible fence solution for the border control and monitoring.


    RELSEN can detect, classify and localize the targeted activities

    RELSEN guarantees the spatial resolution no less than 5 meters in process of the targeted activity detection RELSEN can operatively transfer the targeted activities coordinates to the emergency center


    EQZ provides the practical effective solutions for transport industry

    RELSEN delivers decision-ready data directly into its customers hands, enabling real-time information to monitor and protect rail infrastructure.

About Us

Distributed fiberoptic monitoring systems

EQZ was Incorporated in 2016 and comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in sensoring technology and operational security, systems engineering, product management, project management and customer service, currently 12 employees.

Following a strong demand for a new type of cost-effective and commercially feasible monitoring solutions for extended objects providing a holistic approach to the perimeter security. EQZ developed RELSEN product based on a distributed audio-seismic sensoring (DAS) approach.

Our products and services provides solutions for gas and oil industries, border security, critical infrastructure security, transportation.

EQZ is committed to maintaining its technology leadership position in the industry. This is achieved by substantial investment in Research and Development activities which enable solutions adaptation to new communication technologies, applications, standards and regulations

About Us


Short explaination of technology process


    RELSEN is an audio-seismic event detection, geolocation and classification system using fiber-optic channel as a sensor (FOS). FOS is placed in a fiber-optic cable, installed along the object of monitoring.
    Unique features of RELSEN:

    • Detection of "very quiet" events due to the high system sensitivity.
    • Revelation of events in so-called dark zones of the sensor due to a phenomenal attenuation compensation solution.
    • Accurate geolocation of events with accuracy down to 17 cm.
    • Exact event classification.
  • Infrared energy stream

    Our approach based on the use of the high vibrosensitivity of the infrared energy stream injected into ordinary optical fiber (buried in the ground near the monitoring object) by means of semiconductor laser of low power.

    This optical fiber will be called a fiber optic sensor (FOS). Typically FOS length is 40-50 km. In the systems of this class, all relevant information is transferred to Processing Center (PC) by the optical fiber, which is not only a sensor (FOS) but at the same time an effective and reliable channel for ordinary data transmission.

  • Speckle images

    When a pulse is moving along the optical fiber, the Rayleigh elastic backscattering is realized on its natural irregularities (impurities), which due to high coherence of the used laser of 3B class leads to formation of the so-called stable interference structures of chaotic type, otherwise called speckles or speckle images.

    A sequence of speckles is received in the point of emanation using an ordinary welded coupler or a circulator. The central moment of the concept is the phenomenon that any seismic vibration arising on the surface of the optical fiber due to propagation of seismoacoustic waves from the sources of elastic oscillations, changes its local refractive index. Changes of the local refractive index are reflected in the time-and-frequency structure (TFS) of the respective speckle.

  • Data Analysis

    RELSEN data analysis software is using a unique set of algorithms and mathematical methods of data processing allowing not only to reliably determine the target, but also its type and areas of origin. The use of special parametric representation of signals, achieved through multi-level processing of monitoring data, helps to effectively solve a number of problems, the solution of which at present is not available in currently used similar C-OTDR based monitoring systems. RELSEN software uses a unique high-dimensional feature space methodology to achieve high classification efficiency.
    Classification examples:

    • Railway installation: 98% recognition of the train type (freight, passenger, electric train, locomotive, etc.) within 5 seconds period.
    • Perimeter monitoring system: Classifies groups by number of pedestrians with 99% probability; The difference between walking and crawling persons with a 100% probability.


Providing remote monitoring and control solutions for extended objects

Oil and Gas Industry

Asset management and intrusion detection

Border Control

Invisible fence for border control and monitoring

Critical Site Security

Perimeter control, intrusion detection, location

Transport Industries

Traffic and asset management, safety and security

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